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Long story short

- 4 types of content created

- Distribution to 300+ authority sites
- Long tail keywords targeted with every post

- Daily, weekly or monthly cadence

- Completely done-for-you

Backlinks, referring domains, content for your website and social media, put 'as seen on' badges on your site, be mentioned on news sites, build authority, build brand touch points, get competitive keyword rankings on Google, more traffic, better SEO, and more.

Read on to learn more...

Do any of the following feel relevant to you?

You need more Traffic

You need more Visibility

You need better SEO

You need a stronger Brand Image

You need more Sales

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Being featured on other websites is the best way to do all of this...

All at once

But why be on any old site,

when you can be seen on high authority news sites, that want to talk about businesses like yours. Yahoo Finance, NASDAQ, Market Watch, Digital Journal, Daily Moss, and hundreds more. 

And why not get it done completely for you?

That's where content syndication comes in...

Content Creation

We create six different types of high quality super targeted content* for you so you don't have to spend any time or money on deciding what to make or how to make it. 

*News article, blog post, slideshow, infographic, video and audio advertisement

A woman creating content on a Laptop
A woman editing a video on her laptop

Content Optimisation

We use years of expertise, combined with your industry knowledge, to optimise the content.


This makes sure it's ranking exactly where you want it to, getting you a disproportionately large increase in visibility from even a small amount of hyper targeted content. 

Content Distribution

This is where we really stand out.

We distribute all the content to over 400 authority websites. The content gets indexed (made visible) on Google instantly so you can see results right away.

Every piece of content links back to your website, and every content type will rank for slight variations of your chosen keywords to ensure maximum coverage from every campaign.

A cartoon laptop, phone, circle chart, and paper to show different forms of media

But does that really help with EVERYTHING you mentioned?

Great question,

you're very clever, and good looking.

Yes it does. 

The easy bits

Being talked about by authority media sites easily deals with two of the biggest problems facing businesses today. 

Brand icon.png

Brand image

There's a reason reviews are so important on Amazon. A thumbs up from a third party creates a huge confidence boost in your brand; a large factor in increasing conversions. Your business name being seen on authority sites is a very positive indication that you're trustworthy, people are talking about you, and that people should buy what you're selling. 

visibility icon.jpg


This one goes without saying - is it better to have no content on the internet, or thousands of pieces of content on the internet? If you're trying to be seen by potential customers - or literally by anyone at all - you need to be seen in as many places as possible.

The Technical Bits

Then there's the fun part.

backlinks icon.png


Being in third party content means more referring domains and backlinks for your site, which are key factors for SEO (that you're probably neglecting).

traffic icon.jpg


Traffic is driven through these backlinks, and the SEO increase means more traffic comes through Google organically as well.



If your site is good enough to convert traffic into sales, then all of these extra eye balls, plus the boost in confidence, leads to a great increase in sales.

If not, why don't you read the above section again.

Then, let us know you're interested and we'll get back to you right away:

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