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Subscription options


Basic Plan

The Basic content marketing plan with everythig you need. Get two monthly campaigns where we create six different types of content for you and distribute them to over 400 different websites.


Gold Plan

The gold standard of content marketing. Four high quality campaigns a month (one a week) to ensure that you quickly grow your presence online to increase visibility, reputation and consistently gain more rankings on Google.


Platinum Plan

The best content marketing package there is. Four campaigns a month, with two of them going to the further premium distribution for even further visibility, brand image and even better rankings. Includes Sites Yahoo Finance, Medium Bloomberg, Benzinga, NASDAQ, Market Watch, StreetInsider, and more. Unbeatable to instantly build trust in your brand at an unreal price.

About our services

We have an unrivalled ability for content marketing. With a mix of done for you content which is produced in six different forms (Press release, blog post, slideshow, infographic, video and podcast), and a reach of over 450+ sites worldwide, we can assure that you're going to see rankings even from the first campaign. 

Benefits for YOU


Such a large variety of content going to so many sites means that every campaign you run guarantees indexing to Google. What's more, we optimize all content titles to rank for super tagetted search terms based on your businesses products/services, which means you're going to be visible to your exact target market exactly when they're searching for you. This content all has backlinks to your site, meaning you generate more targetted traffic.

Thumbs up from Google

Each piece of content has at least one backlink leading to your site; which is the equivalent of that site giving you a vote of confidence in Google's eyes. We take care of the nitty gritty of having a good mix of dofollow/nofollow backlinks, coming from a variety of content types with differing domain authorities and more, so all you have to do is sit back and watch your referring domains and backlinks increase, which helps with your own organic traffic, visibility and keyword rankings.

Brand Authority

All of the content we create is written in the third person. This means this content is ABOUT you instead of FROM you. Any business can write content about themselves and many do, which is great! But only businesses who are really doing great work and are being noticed get written about by other sites... which means being seen in this content gives your brand image a huge boost and confidence from potential customers increases massively (think of it like a 5 star Amazon review from a news site).  

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